Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi

Just 13 km separates the beauty of Niteroi. It´s worth a visit to see the beautiful landscape of Rio de Janeiro. However, the city offers much more. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), made of a complex of forts, the famous Fish Market, the diversified commerce, cuisine and the beautiful beaches of Niteroi are a must see for those visiting the capital.

The city has the name of Indian origin . Nitcheroy in Tupi-Guarani, meaning hidden water , because of its secure position in relation to enemy attacks. And indeed, its beaches are the refuge of Rio and its beauties are not always known by Brazilians.

Niterói owns a privileged geography. It’s 11 miles of beaches, viewed from Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer, is becomes part of the local landscape.

On its 11 kilometers of sand along the shoreline, Niterói has two types of beaches, which are under the shelter of Guanabara Bay and extending to the Oceanic Region. In the first group, there is the urbanized area, with highways and a housing market as hot as the coast. This applies to Icaraí beach lined by sidewalks for walking or cycling.

In natural beauty besides overlooking Rio , it is home to Indian Rocks and Itapuca. Between the shores of the bay, San Francisco and the ferry of Charitas is also busy at night when the ocean washes apon Niteroi, the charms of nature also arise. Itacoatiara is the best example. Farther from the center,it has landscape marked by clear waters and abundant vegetation between a frame of hills. The first beach of Niterói, Piratininga,is noteworthy for its surfing championships.

Besides the beaches, Niterói has the postcard the Museum of Contemporary Art, or MAC, as is known. The building has the unmistakable signature of Oscar Niemeyer, in ways designed to interact with the landscape. Built in Mirante de Boa Viagem, the construction seems to levitate over the Bay of Guanabara – especially by the reflecting pool at the base which merges with the sea.

The museum itself is an attraction. Up the ramp and glimpse the coast of Niterói and Rio hills is worth the visit. But worth paying admission to see the inside of the MAC, the owner of a breathtaking panorama with the windows at 360 degrees. The collection of over one thousand works from the collection of donations Sattamini and contemporary artists is the final argument for the visit.

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Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi

Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi

Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi