If you are interested in getting to know the city of Rio de Janeiro, I can be your guide. You can hire me for 1 day or for several days. When making your private tour in the city of Rio de Janeiro, you will be sure that the tour will be only for you and your guests.

The Tour Guide in Rio has transportation, You will have at your service the guide, the driver and the car, it is possible to hire for a transfer to and from the airport..

On all tours the tickets and other expenses (food etc) are not included. The duration of the tours is estimated and may vary depending on the traffic conditions of the City.

Prices vary according to the desired tour, the number of people and the time of year. To know the value, make an appointment telling you what your interest, the number of people and the time of year of your trip that I will immediately communicate with you giving information and other details. Payments via PayPal are welcome..

Contacts in advance allow a more adequate planning, allowing to offer customized options, according to the desire of the client and with the program of concerts and events in the city.


Considered one of the seven wonders in the world ,the Monument of Christ the Redeemer ii's one of the most beautiful symbols of our city the Statue is considered a National Historic Landmark it was built in 1931 and it's the symbol of Christianity to the locals and tourists around the world . Read more


The thrill of the ride to Sugar Loaf begins well before they reach the top of the hill, 400 meters above sea level. The adventure begins with a tram ride, a glass lift which provides details and angles of the perfect unique geography of Rio. The first stop is made at the Urca Hill, 220 feet high. From there, he met the Guanabara Bay and Botafogo Bay. In the second and final stop, the panoramic view presents, beyond the bay, much of the edge of the Zona Sul and Niterói. In summer, it is worth climbing the Sugar Loaf at the end of the day to enjoy the sunset, the sun or at night to see the city lights and chime in Noites Cariocas – shows with great names of Brazilian music.Read more

Ipanema Beach

World famous for the song ¨the girl from Ipanema ¨, played by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes’s, famous Ipanema beach is located along the Vieira Souto . It is the most sophisticated beach in Rio and a meeting place for famous actors and actresses and beautiful Brazilian women parading on the beach in their bikini thongs that in the 60s and 70s dictated fashion in Rio marked by an era and a generation . During the day you can see people practicing beach volleyball, running , biking , bodyboarding and surfing . At night the kiosks are filled with locals and tourists drinking coconut water, relaxing and contemplating the view . The CARIOCA soul lives in Ipanema and when they receive visitors they become infected by the spirit of Brazil.Read More


Just 13 km separates the beauty of Niteroi. It´s worth a visit to see the beautiful landscape of Rio de Janeiro. However, the city offers much more. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), made of a complex of forts, the famous Fish Market, the diversified commerce, cuisine and the beautiful beaches of Niteroi are a must see for those visiting the capital.Read more


The Botanical Garden was created in 1808 by Dom Joao VI in order to make a garden of acclimatization of spices from the East India and today we celebrate 200 years of existence, when we walk through it we can see several species of plants and trees from different countries . The garden has several attractive it is the calling card of our city known internationallyRead more


After our tour on Gigóia´s Island we will go to Barra da Tijuca which is the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro , with 18 Km of clear and tropical green water, is frequented by refreshing waves inviting to surfing both for beginners and experienced surfers or Barra as locals say is Rio de Janeiro’s youngest neighborhood. It’s high socioeconomic level turned it into one of Read more

Tiradentes Palace

The Tiradentes Palace was inaugurated in 1926 when the federal Capital was moved to the capital city Brasília the building has an ecletic style and was used by the National Congress until 1960 located near the Imperial Palace in the heart of Rio de Janeiro in downtown area.Read more

Tijuca Forest Park

Through the forest we will ride a dense vegetation and see glimpses of Rio along the way you´ll have an idea of how our forest is full of trees with different species of plants you will see incredible views and many water springs , lots of nature heading to Tijuca Forest Park to see a beautiful waterfall , a nice Chapel Mayring in the middle of the bush , the Restaurant the Read more


From Tijuca Forest Park we will go to the Gigóiá´s Island to see a natural preserved wetlands at Marapendi Channel if we are lucky we will see some caymans and many species of birds , we will see how people live there in this Island and see homes in front of the Lagoon and stop to have lunch in one of the locals RestaurantRead more


After visiting Barra da Tijuca we wil go to a private Condominium to see Joá Beach when you think about relaxing , silence and piece of mind you think about Joatinga beach a remote spot far away in the wilderness, Joa beach is one of the most exotic and fascinating places in Rio.Read more

Reserva beach

Reserva beach is located between the Barra da Tijuca beach and Recreio.beach it is an extensive and little frequented beach, ideal for those seeking a quieter beach within the city of Rio Reserve was named by staying in the Ecological Reserve.Read more

Fiscal Island

In the 19th century the island was an object of dispute between the Naval Ministry that wanted it for a rescue station, and the Finance Ministry that wished to set up a customhouse. Called at the time Rats Island, it was entrusted to the Finance Ministry. In 1881 the customhouse started to be built, a design of engineer Adolpho José Del Vecchio. Soon after, the island Read more